Instant Cappuccino


two easy steps.


It’s Good

I’m always on the look for a quick cappuccino. I can’t always get away at work when I need a caffeine rush.

For the past year or so I have been enjoying the Nescafé memento instant cappuccino. Just add hot water and with those k cup machines everywhere it’s simple to get hot water. I hate heating up water in a microwave.

I was shopping around the coffee aisle I found these neat Gevalia 2 step cappuccino. $10 wasn’t a bad price for ten in there. Easy to make. Fist add the froth pack then the k cup.

I added a dash of sugar and I was delicious.

Welcome “Godzilla” to America

1989 skyline R32

1989 was 25 years ago. There’s a quick little math lesson for you.

In 1989 Nissan produced the Skyline R32. Up until 2013 you could not import this car to American due to the import laws that state “Nonconforming vehicles less than 25 years old entering the United States must be brought into compliance, exported, or destroyed.”

The Australians named it “Godzilla” (the GT-R model) because it is a monster on the track. Here’s a quick history lesson lifted from the wiki. The R32 GT-R dominated Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC), winning 29 races from 29 starts, taking the series title every year from 1989 to 1993.[32] It took 50 races from 50 starts from 1991 to 1997 (latterly R33) in the N1 Super Taikyu. In 1990 it promptly ended the reign of the previously all-conquering Ford Sierra Cosworth, winning Bathurst 1000 classic in 1991 and 1992.

You probably won’t see these results in the GXi Type-X – 1.8 L, 91hp. You can also try to find a nice little 4 door as well. So just remember the Skyline was built like any other car out there. You have your normal everyday version of course the “Godzilla” versions. Remember this is the 1989 model, it’s not brand new and if you find a “brand new” one you’re paying top dollar. Also don’t expect to find cheap parts in the states.

The big question lots of Skyline enthusiasts, where do i get one and how much? I would start with the friendly staff over at


Bager’s Crazy Star Trek Scene Is A Reality

After this scene was done last night I was wondering how fast someone would animate it a post it on the web. I am wowed a less than 24 hours Vulture has created it and a fine job too

A Brand New Day


Change is good they say. I believe that. I’ve gone through plenty of changes, some good some bad, some that I never really thought about if it was good or bad. I guess that would fall under “meh” Either way it’s a change. Most of the time a change is needed for a while and we push it aside until it’s really needed. We are then forced to make a decision we never wanted to. Of course we always think the worst is going to happen once we decide. In the end though we realize it wasn’t that bad at all.

I am now single.

I have a new job.

The lady and I went hit a little speed bump a while back and then got back on track. This past month we decided to go back to roomies as well as friends. We are about a month into this and doing just fine. As a result I am still in the process on creating a bedroom out of my office. A little challenging because it’s a small room with two doorways without doors. For a while when i was still working 3rd shift we were sharing the bed, it worked out due to the different sleep schedules.

I have left the drug store. I quietly left. which is odd because I am not a quiet guy. I really only told my boss and the guy I work with almost every shift. I needed to get away from the 3rd shift. For some reason my boss there though I loved 3rd shift and never wanted to leave it. There has been opportunities to switch but it was never offered. I don’t think it would have ever be offered. My boss was a very passive aggressive guy. He is a very nice guy but when I came to any type of problem he avoided it. As a result problem would just grow into uncontrollable monster. He found it amusing to relay the shit talk to the person who was being talked about and then didn’t understand why everyone hated each other. It wasn’t a one team it was many and they all competed. Often I would hear, “that’s not my problem”.

I am a parts guy again. This time at Nissan. I work with a great team. We are all there to get the same job done. We work together like Voltron.



My “smart watch”


I’ve had this for quite a while now. Working in retail I don’t always want to pull out my phone. Especially when I’m helping a customer and I need to check the time

New daft punk Album In May

I’m kinda pumped for this. I have yet to be disappointed by a daft punk album. $11.99 pre-order through iTunes? sign me up.

That short teaser video a while back during SNL was for reals.

It’s been a while since we last heard from them when they did the score to the 2010 Tron: Legacy as well as their cameo in the film. Before that their last album was about 5 year prior. I have noticed that a good chunk of my favorite bands have long gaps in between albums and I’m ok with that.

Star Trek Is A Good Thing

This was reported all over the other day many have seen it but hey maybe you haven’t. Last weekend over in London a Star Trek insignia lit up the sky with the help of 30 LED Illuminated drones. Not only did it just from the insignia but it also rotated.

I encourage you to watch this video.

Remember to mark you calendars for May 17th. 

Also if you happen to be a TNG fan remember to check out to see if you can see “The Best of Both Worlds” two parter episode in theaters.

Here’s the info on that:

Social Media Updates I Should Have Posted


What a strange day today, well the week has been a bit off. I blame the 12 days off I just had. Perhaps too much time doing nothing has mushed me up and maybe because I’m back to work this week at a different location (just for this week)

So this week I got to drive a hour away for work. Ick, well it’s a good thing I love my car and enjoy podcasts. The work flow has been busy though, so there was no time play on the social sites. That and the cellular service where I was totally sucked.

So I give you the social media updates I wanted to post

6:30am “wow ice fog really is pretty”

6:45am “And now I shall inappropriately eat this chocolate doughnut stick while driving”

8:00am “if you breath can stink up a room, it’s time for a new toothbrush”

11:30am “When asked what would you like on your pizza? and you say any kind of dead animal you’re messed up”

12:00pm “it’s best not to say look at all that dead animal meat when everyone is digging into the pizza”

2:30pm “What’s the opposite of talking behind someone’s back, because this guys doing that”

4:00pm “everyone here at work is so negative, they all have nothing good say”

That was my strange day. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Fun With Apples Passbook

Back In September most iPhones got updated with iOS 6. We got some enhancements and a few new apps including Passbook. The idea is that Passbook would hold all your coupons, club cards, tickets and what nots like that. Many people are no impressed with this app at all.

I have Target and Starbucks linked to passbook but I often forget about. Even though you could setup location services to send you a message once you are close to said place. When you think about it’s a great idea. I guess the popular retailers don’t feel like pushing this feature. They’d rather give use 3 foot long receipts.

So if you’d like to make this app useful to you instead of tucking it away in a folder on the last page, I give Flonsolutions they have created some great tickets to show off. To name a few;

Why You Should Be Watching NSFW on Twit

I think explains it. Now go watch it!

NSFW show on Twit