Fun With Apples Passbook

Back In September most iPhones got updated with iOS 6. We got some enhancements and a few new apps including Passbook. The idea is that Passbook would hold all your coupons, club cards, tickets and what nots like that. Many people are no impressed with this app at all.

I have Target and Starbucks linked to passbook but I often forget about. Even though you could setup location services to send you a message once you are close to said place. When you think about it’s a great idea. I guess the popular retailers don’t feel like pushing this feature. They’d rather give use 3 foot long receipts.

So if you’d like to make this app useful to you instead of tucking it away in a folder on the last page, I give Flonsolutions they have created some great tickets to show off. To name a few;

The iPod Recall Hookup


*update 1/12/12* Got a package from apple last week. i opened it up and there was a letter telling me that the did indeed run out of replacement 1st gen nanos. Under that letter was a new 8GB iPod nano.


About a month ago I got an email from apple stating that there is a recall on 1st gen iPod nanos. I signed up for it and about a week later I got a box to ship it back to them.

I was quoted 6-8 week return time for my replacement. No big deal on time it’s an old 2GB iPod I hardly use. It sadly collects dust on a self.

The news is out now from mashable that Apple ran out I replacement units and is now sending people a 6th Gen nano. Most likely the 8GB ( the smallest size for that model) but it has no warranty, all those nanos were out of warranty anyway.

So that’s a hook up. I basically traded up with no fees but I’m kinda bummed. The thing is I already have a newer 16GB nano. It does make a great watch. I’m going to miss that classic click wheel iPod. I also has a few accessories that only fit the 1st gen model.

update – 2/28/12 

I really didn’t know what to do with this thing. No one I knew wanted it. So I went to ebay. It sold in 5 days for $80. Not bad, I would not have got that much for the 1st gen nano.


Incoherent twitter updates: That can be my next tweet


The web site is

It’s good fun. Basically it grabs random words from your past twitter updates and makes a sentence or two. A very incoherent sentence. They read as If you just learned English.

There is an app for ios and android. I grabbed the iOS app and well it’s need help on the posting to twitter part but for .99¢ it’s a good time. You’ll laugh and laugh at the updates it produces.

iOS Jailbreak, Meh


So I recently picked up a used iPhone 3GS for cheap money. I already have an iPhone 4 as my primary pocket gadget. This one is for fun and to save battery life on my iPhone 4 while playing many podcasts during my work day.

This 3Gs is a bit tired. Soon I’ll be making a purchase through CNN for some parts. They sell lots of mobile device parts for great prices. you just have to wait a couple of weeks to get your parts from china.

So I decided to go ahead and jailbreak the 3Gs. I must say it was very easy to do with the Red Sn0w app on the Mac. So far with this jailbreak I must say that I’m not that impressed. The biggest features that I found useful was a couple UI tweaks. Let me note that the 3Gs has no cell service and I do not plan to get any. Perhaps if this was my primary phone I’d be more interested in other features.

I had always thought that jailbreaking got users a ton of free apps and features. It looks to me that it’s just another app store filled with apps that apple has rejected.

With all these new feature with iOS lately I guess I see the point or I’m just use to the look and feel of the stock iOS.

I’ll give it a couple of weeks maybe I’ll find something great for me or maybe I’ll return it back to stock.